Typesetting is the arrangement of words to create an optimal reading experience. Explore how to create legible, beautiful type and compelling page layout.


Layout refers to organizing and arranging information like text and images in a clear and organized way, whether it’s for digital or printed materials like books, newspapers, or reports. Typesetting is the specific task of putting the actual content onto the layout in a visually pleasing manner. 

We can create a beautifully typeset interior layout that complements your book’s cover and creates a completely cohesive end-product. We will design a unique and custom look for your book that borrows components from the cover, and arranges all of your manuscript’s elements in an artful way.   At the end of the process, you are provided with clean, print-ready files.

We will need to know a little about your book before giving you a quote:

    1. What is the trim size? (5.5 x 8.5? 6 x 9? etc.)
    2. What is your binding style? (Paperback? Dust Jacket? Casebound?)
    3. Is the interior going to be standard black/white? or color?
    4. Does your manuscript have any of the following:
      • Photos
      • Charts/Graphs/Infographics
      • Call out boxes or pull quotes
      • Sections of boxed text (like special portions that need to be visually different or framed)
      • Footnotes
      • Endnotes
      • Running Headers



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