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Creative Books SA, is a publisher in south Africa. we focus on  self-publishing. we are a young team of passionate publishers, creatives and graphic designers who focus on creating south African publications. libraries. Creative Books Publishes Novels, Poetry, children’s books, nonfiction, fiction, and biographies. Creative Books SA is a south African publisher that provides children’s books and adult books. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, with offices in Prism Office Park, in Fourways, Sandton. Creative Books SA is one of the best  publishing company in south africa producing illustrated, non-fiction books.   

Creative Books Press is a book publishing company proud to produce high-quality books about Novels, Children’s Books, travel, photography, and other non-fiction subjects. 

we are the best book publishers in Johannesburg,we produce high-quality books about Fiction, non fiction, biographies, children’s books, gardens, travel, photography, and other non-fiction subjects. We are number 1 book publishers, based in sandton,south Africa. Creative Books SA owners who had a vision of creating one of the best illustrated book publishers in the world. Creative Books began as a publishing company in 2018, thanks to the efforts of Creative Books SA, multiple winning faward winner CEO. Musa Aubrey Nkanyani and editor Zinhle Ngidi. Best Publishing House, Creative Books SA,a cutting edge publishing house, which initially started out 10 years ago in south London as the Reading Series. we are inspired to see people like dudu busani dube & Thandeka zukes books to succeeds in this industry

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Founded in 2011 by Musa Aubrey Nkanyani in South Africa, who are now Hackney residents, book printers in Johannesburg . Stranger Press prides itself on publishing from the fringes of culture literary and non-fiction, and that is an appropriately fitting description, for sure. Like Sfiso Publisher, Johannesburg -based publisher is one of those independent presses aiming to elevate and promote smaller voices in literature.

If an author has been published by Creative Books, that is generally a sign they have something unique and important to say with their literature. Once you have signed a publishing contract, they will do whatever is necessary to get your book out into the marketplace. Small publishers are the talent-spotting, editing, and marketing people for books that they passionately believe in. The big publishers might be mostly based in London, but the more successful ones are also global conglomerates, fulfilling the same role of a publisher as the small press, but with teams of specialist staff and navigating the demands of an international marketplace.

In the spirit of strength in numbers, a handful of book publishers in south africa (including Creative Books SA, Canongate, Creative Books , and others) have joined forces to build a powerful community capable of competing with standalone heavyweights. publishers in south africa can consist of publishing houses, which can themselves consist of imprints – each with their own brand identity, based on the kinds of books they publish. The fundamental problem for a writer is that, without an agreement for a book publishing contract from a traditional, brick-and-mortar publishing house, the writer not only cannot market his or her manuscripts to bookstores, but also cannot negotiate deals with publishers in other media, like movie and TV production houses.

Self-Publishing Company in Sandton

Creative Books SA is one of the best book publishing companies in South Africa based in  Sandton. We are a young creative team of passionate publishers, and graphic designers who focus on creating quality South African publications. We don’t traditionally publish. This means that all our services are once-off charges. 


Book Publishing in South Africa

Good quality printing is non-negotiable, at Creative Books SA ,we have very high standards in this regard. We pride ourselves in the excellent quality of our printed books and the fact that we are able to offer very competitive pricing.


Layout and book formatting helps bring a manuscript to life. Readers pick up on a lot from the design choices made in books, whether they realize it or not. So we will make sure yours is the best in the game.

Book Cover Design

We work closely with authors on designing a cover that will present the contents of the book in the most effective way and make a great first impression. 

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