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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self Publishing?

Self-publishing is the process by which authors independently publish their own work without the involvement of traditional publishing houses. It empowers authors to retain control over their content, from editing to distribution, and allows them to reach their audience directly. Self-publishing offers freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to share one’s creative vision with the world on one’s own terms.

Do you print books not published by you?

Yes, we do print books not produced by us. As a self-publishing company equipped with our own printers, graphic designers, editors, and other resources, we offer comprehensive publishing services. However, we also extend our printing services to authors who have utilized other services elsewhere. Whether you’ve had editing, design, or other aspects of your book completed elsewhere, we’re here to provide top-quality printing services to bring your vision to life.

Do you market books for clients?

Unfortunately we do not get involved with marketing and distribution.

Do You charge for Publishing?

Yes, we do charge for self-publishing services. At Creative Books SA, our self-publishing model involves upfront payment for the services rendered. Unlike traditional publishing, where authors typically receive royalties for their book sales, we operate on a fee-for-service basis. This means authors pay for editing, design, printing and other services upfront, without ongoing royalty obligations to us. This approach provides authors with full control over their work and its profits, ensuring transparency and independence throughout the publishing process.

Can i bring my book for editing even if i have a printer?

Yes, you can still come for a single services.

Can i print my book with you even if i have my book cover?

Yes, we can still print your book