Widows Hope – Lillian Mahange


ISBN: 978-0-620-90007-2

Genre: Based on a true story


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    An autobiography filled with adventure, perseverance, great storytelling, and a moral purpose.

    In the 1990s, Lillian Mahange was just a young woman, focused on building a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry. She had just met the love of her life, and all she could aspire to was the realization of her childhood dreams. When she was looking forward to building a beautiful life together with her husband, Terence Mahange, and her children Ntsako, Simphiwe, and Nkateko, life took an unexpected turn. She was forced to dig in deeper and overcome the traumatic challenges that would change her life forever. She had to pick up the pieces of her almost crumbled life and made lemonade out of the lemons life was throwing at her. If life was like running in the rain, her life story would be a storm that would never seem to end. She would learn that every life journey is a blessing in disguise.

    Follow her story as she gives blow by blow of her life story events. This is her offering to widows, especially those who receive the widow’s title at an early age, to learn from her experiences and know that there is calm after a storm.

    Lillian Mahange is a Professional Nurse, Midwife Manager, and a Spiritual Intercessor, born in South Africa, Limpopo Province. A nurse activist with intensive experience in the field of nursing. She still continues to fight the good fight. A fight that acknowledges the empowerment of women, children, widows, and orphans.



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