Venom by Desmond Shabalala


ISBN: 978-0-620-62920-1


Genre: Romance Fiction

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    ‘You cannot explain a thing Tumi,’ his voice was still soft yet very cold, ‘It’s clear that I have been your fool. You and this bitch have been fucking each other behind my back, in my house.’

    When he said ‘in my house’ Nelson raised his voice, shouting, his face written anger with his eyes bulging.

    ‘Come on Cuz…’ Tumi tried to stay calm

    ‘Fuck you Tumelo, in my fucken’ house!’ He continued shouting, not allowing him to even talk.When Tumi was invited to be his cousin’s best man when Nelson was to marry his fiancée Nelisa, who happened to be Tumi’s old time childhood best friend, history interferes with the future. After twelve years being abroad, he comes back and changes their whole life as they knew it. The couple had no idea that their marriage will be tested to that length, leading the two cousins who grew up very close becoming lifetime enemies. When everything is exposed, Nelisa is forced to make tough decisions. She either decides on staying in the marriage that she played a huge role in destroying and try to fix her mess, or walk out of her matrimonial home and start a new life. If she leaves, she is facing the unknown, not just with a new man in her life, but she also has to settle in a new country she hardly know.


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