Venom Book 2 (Dragon unleashed)


ISBN: 978-0-620-75082-0


Genre: Novel

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    ‘What happened to the honest, straight forward Nelson I met dating my little stepsister?’ Nelson closed his eyes for a second, looking a bit shy.

    ‘I guess people change bro, if not for better, they change for worse.’

    Nelson is a broken man, trying to find the road he lost when he was hurt by his ex-wife. The venom that Tumi, his cousin injected in his life had Nelson reaching a level of almost ending his life. His PA, Joy, saved the day when she accidentally entered her boss’s office and found him with a gun in his hand, ready to end it all.

    This time we find him ready to pick up the pieces of his life, but is he ready for what life has in store for him?

    Follow the story of Nelson, as he starts his journey to self-discovery. In this season, he is the man in control of his life. He’s in perfect shape, grabbing every opportunity that life presents to him. He is done with feeling sorry for himself, becoming a man on a mission. The dragon is finally unleashed.



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