Tears In Love & Laughter – Desmond Shabalala





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    “You’ll never be half the man he is Michael.” These words echoes in Mike’s head over and over each time he thinks back. After everything he did for her, she had the nerve to compare him to a wet behind the ears school boy. Even though he had chosen to forgive her and move on with his life, these words though are not easily forgotten each time he thinks back. He married her now, but from time to time Mike is reminded of what he went through because of her, especially with these visits from his mother beyond the grave intensifying.

    These visits have created confusion in his mind, leading the two word to collapse around him. Mike is a born again Christian, but lately he finds it hard to separate God from the ancestry world. He is failing to draw the line, even doubting the mere presence of God.

    After his release from prison Mike did the unthinkable, marrying the same Nombulelo even though the trust he had on her was no more. Day after day he struggles with trust issues, realizing that he will never completely trust her.


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