Separation & Divorce


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ISBN: 978- 0- 6397-0248-3

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    The truth is no one gets married with the intent to divorce, yet the rate of divorce in the world is too high to ignore. Divorce is a topical issue for both non-Christians and Christians, and the author chooses to be realistic about the dark journey that many have travelled, others are going through, and some will still endure.

    In his offering, some of the topics he looks at are how people decide on the partner they choose to marry, why some marry an unsuitable partner and why others opt to stay instead of getting divorced even if they are not happily married. Finally, for those who choose to leave, he attempts to help them through the divorce process, including handling the legal battles, coping with the agony of losing a partner, navigating the process of change, and dealing with societal expectations.

    He does not just help with the divorce process but also digs deeper into self-mastery, self-love and self-care because if you do not know who you are, what you want or value, and learn to love and take care of yourself, you will struggle to deal with marriage and the after-effects of a divorce.


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