Regards, The Wife by LIZEKA MADUNA





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    Zemvelo knew Abram inside out and when Palesa told her that Abram never loved her, she looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. She thought to herself ‘the only woman that Abram Kabila has ever loved and will probably love for the rest of his life is Zemvelo Maphanga, and that’s me’. Her heart was oozing of blood, the wounds were still so fresh when Abram uttered something that changed her life forever, and she knew right there and then that she was never going to be the same again. Her life as she knew it had changed for good, the only person she would take a bullet for had shattered her heart into a thousand pieces and although she wanted to let go of Abram, the heart wanted what it wanted. Depression and anxiety revisited her again, only this time it was no longer out of guilt of falling in love with a married man but a broken heart and a child who might never know her father. The same man who confessed his love for her to his wife had turned his back against her, she still refused to believe it. Not her Abram Kabila, she thought, but is she ready to fight for her soulmate?



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