Light After The Tunnel – Foster Mathebula


ISBN: 978-0-620-90639-5

Genre: Novel

Pages: 147

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    After Angelica’s husband burnt their house and disappeared, she became homeless until Susan took her into her home. Susan capitalised on the situation since she also wanted someone to look after her daughter because she knew that her days were numbered. After all, she was diagnosed and living with Leukemia.

    Susan eventually dies, and her family took everything she owned, making it difficult for Angelica to take care of her son and Susans’ daughter. Her life changed forever after Evah, Susan’s lawyer came back from overseas and gave a detailed will, stating Angelica as the rightful owner of Susan’s estate.

    Things became more complicated after meeting her husband (whom she thought was dead) admitted to a hospital, struggling with Kidney failure and fighting for his life


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