First Pursue, Then Obtain by NOSIHLE MABASO


The values of personal strength, power, not giving up & striving by all means to reach your means.

ISBN: 978-0-620-80239-0

Pages: 63

Genre: Motivational

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First pursue then obtain is a manual that is theoretical but can be applied in practice.
It teaches about the values of personal strength and power, not giving up and striving by all
means to reach your dreams.
I have learnt to be impeccable with my word; to speak with honesty and with integrity.

To say what I mean and avoid harmful or malicious judgemental language against myself or others and use the power of my word in the direction of genuineness and
love. Also, to use power rather than force. This is essentially about aligning myself with things that make me strong and avoiding things that make me weak.

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