Best Classic Writings – Dr Elijah Maswanganyi


Dr. Elijah has emerged again with another dynamic “HIT” – his latest book entitled “BEST CLASSIC WRITINGS OF DR ELIJAH MASWANGANYI” is a combination of all his writings. I am totally convinced that this volume you are holding in your hand will take not only South Africa but Africa and the World by storm. Dr. Maswanganyi is one of Africa’s finest assets, a brilliantly endowed, eloquent speaker – conversant in diverse matters regarding the lives of individuals, families, communities, governments, countries, nations, and the world today. He is a Life Coach, a Mentor, and a Father to the nation. He is a seasoned author, ordained by Heaven for the world; an established Bible Teacher and a Bond Servant of Jesus Christ, with a balanced domestic and international record of achievements.

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This book was written to provide insights into the ageless and timeless principles of life. It is a reservoir for leaders and families across cultures. It is written with the belief that greatness is characterized
by being yourself, humbling yourself, and being dependent on God.

It emphasizes that greatness is found in smallness. The book is a contribution and a reference tool for those who need to know more about marriage relationships; those who want to improve their leadership skills; and those who seriously want to lead a balanced lifestyle that embraces the tenets of the Scriptures and respect for other peoples’ ways of life.


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